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1st Anniversary Update

Well, it’s only gone and been 1 year since I started reviewing everything.
I’ll tell you something, it’s been the laugh and a half. But also quite challenging at times. Who could have guessed there’d be so much stuff in the universe to review? I thought I’d be done by now!

I’ve had a lot to discuss over the last 12 months and, amazingly, it seems like some people have sat up and listened over that time so thanks to them.

So I’ve shown you how to say ‘five times less’ in Portuguese, who is human (but not a dancer), what a ‘donk’ is, where not to stand at pelican crossings, why I’m a ‘Bieber-Neutral’, and when a candle is more than a candle.  All in all, it has been great fun reviewing all sorts of things and I’m looking forward to doing even more on my brand new URL (update your bookmarks right this minute).

Thank you so much for reading and thank you even more for commenting, thumbs-upping, Facebooking and tweeting. You’re all too kind.

Best wishes,


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