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July 15, 2012 / Nick

Butlins 2012 advert

I am required to disclaim that this was originally published in The Guardian (The Guide supplement) on Saturday 10 March 2012. It is also available on Int that lovely?

With flag-wavers set for a summer of Jubilee and Olympic revelry, some Brits will inevitably want to be as far away as possible from even a mere hint of bunting. However, global financial turmoil may have scuppered holiday plans. Like being in a distressingly long version of New Year’s Eve, you could end up either broke and stranded miles from home, or keeping up appearances while everyone arrives to party. It’s no wonder that this year’s campaign for Butlin’s is encouraging us to holiday at home.

In this latest TV ad, we see a young girl at the Bognor Regis resort bouncing around like Tigger in a Ladybird party frock. Her hops guide us from the upmarket seaview hotel on to golden Sussex sands and into a glistening swimming pool. Butlin’s isn’t just flogging an idyllic version of its holiday parks here. It’s dreamed up a utopian Britain where nobody queues for anything and the weather is Mediterranean. The ad execs must think viewers have never actually seen summer in the country we’re living in. A more sincere version would have mum and dad screaming at each other through a bathroom door while the kids play the popular game of “I-Spy (a way we can lose the security deposit)”. We’d see scenes of apologetic Redcoats closing the pool as “heavyweight jams” from a recent BangFace Weekender event are cleansed from the filters. Plus, it would royally piss it down over the Bognor skyline. Who needs Club Med?

Review: I was right about the weather.


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