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February 19, 2011 / Nick

Justin Bieber

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber has only been on the music scene for just over a year. In that time the Canadian mini popster has created a level of tweenage hysteria not seen since Habbo Hotel lost its AA star rating.

His success has brought with it the inevitable detractors, many of them vocally claiming to hate Justin Bieber. A Google search for the exact phrase “hate Justin Bieber” yields 1.5 million results. To compare with other loathed figures from history, you’ll see he’s a country mile ahead in the hate stakes:

  1. “hate Justin Bieber” – 1,500,000
  2. “hate cancer” – 249,000
  3. “hate Kanye West” – 59,000
  4. “hate Osama Bin Laden” – 34,500
  5. “hate Simon Cowell” – 13,300
  6. “hate Adolf Hitler” – 12,600
  7. “hate David Cameron” – 11,100
  8. “hate Piers Morgan” – 9,270
  9. “hate AIDS” – 5,270
  10. “hate James Corden” – 1,380
  11. “hate Jo Whiley” – 858
  12. “hate Joseph Stalin” – 834
  13. “hate Carol McGiffin” – 110

It’s some feat being hated nearly four times as much as a list of 12 others including Hitler, Stalin, AIDs and Piers Morgan. Especially when the very same person is also loved in over 6 million results.

The internet hates Justin Bieber so much that it has created add-ons to erase his existence (Shaved Bieber), yet loves him so much that his debut video is the most watched clip on YouTube, viewed over 466 million times.

This love/hate split on the internet is sure to have spilled out in to the real world. Families divided. Classrooms divided. Whole communities divided.
Heck, there’s a real possibility that any mention of the guy’s name could be the pivotal moment that triggers World War III.

And yet, after 12 months of a growing encampment on either side of debate, I still don’t like OR dislike Justin Bieber. He simply hasn’t done anything yet to make me want to go either way.

I can’t quite understand the love. I never have really got my head around the idea of teen idols and their obsessive to the point of belligerent league of screaming fans who if offered a track named ‘Cut Off Both Your Ears’ would soon be sprawled across fit-to-bursting casualty wards all over the planet aimlessly prodding iPod earphones at their useless, bleeding stumps awaiting further instruction from their divine master in the name of ‘Bieber Fever’

But mostly, it’s the hate  I don’t understand. The majority of those criticising the lad seem to be basing their argument on his hairstyle and fashion sense, which although I recognise are silly, don’t actually cause me any offence. Plus so many of the naysayers seem to have an almost perverse obsession with mentioning Bieber’s pubic hair that I worry if their opinions should be endorsed at all.
I would include myself in those who don’t like his music, but his genre of music was never designed to appeal to me and it certainly isn’t something I’d put on my jukebox.  I can’t say I dislike his music any more than most of his contemporaries and it’s pretty easy to ignore (He’s only released 2 songs that I’ve even been aware of).

His voice is nothing to write home about, yes, but he’s not the only one in the business that that’s true of (Lady Gaga’s doing just fine, and she sings like someone phoning their boss up pretending to be struck down by illness talks).
His songs can be described as cheesy at best, uninspired and bland at worst. Yet we’ve all put up with bad songs and singers for years and sometimes they even surprise us with the odd decent tune. I just can’t dislike him for any of those reasons because it would be double-standards.

One day I might have an opinion either way like everyone else seems to. Like Bieber’s upcoming movie says, Never Say Never.

So here I am in Bieber no-man’s land waiting for him to either offend me or enthrall me; until then, I am just a conscientious objector in this war.

Review: He’s just some guy who sings and dances. Calm down, everyone.



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  1. Fiona Johnsson / Nov 10 2011 10:05 am

    Justin Bieber is such a girl lmao! Look at this..

  2. justin bieber tumblr / May 18 2014 10:26 am

    Great info. ʟuϲky me I found your website by chance (stumbleսpon).
    I’ve book marked it for later!

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