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February 7, 2011 / Nick

Kinder Surprise

For many children, Kinder Surprise is a weekly treat of chocolate and toy. Not since Lidl’s Unerwünschte Sprotten range of pickled herring has there been such an exciting product named after a German expression for ‘unplanned baby’.

However, like childhood itself, the lifespan of a Kinder Egg is unfortunately short but sweet.

The Life of a Kinder Egg

Stage 1: Purchase

Stage 2: Unwrap

Stage 3: Eat chocolate to access capsule.

Stage 4: Open capsule to reveal toy. (N.B. Do not eat capsule).

Oh yay. It's

Stage 5: Read instructions for toy operation/construction.

A thingy that apparently bounces.

Stage 6: Play with toy.

Stage 7: Discard.

Review: Kids, one day the chocolate will be three mouthfuls and the toy will look like a rejected novelty keyring design. That day is the first day of adulthood.


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