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January 21, 2011 / Nick

Carte d’Or Caramel Cinnamon Waffle ice cream

You know what tastes like buttered toast, but probably shouldn’t taste like buttered toast, because it’s a dessert and ‘Buttered Toast Flavour’ doesn’t exactly scream out to consumers as a taste desserts should have? This stuff.

It also has a horrible mousse-like texture with occasional mouthfuls of some kind of wet brioche thrown in. I think that’s meant to be the waffle.

Plus, the song in the advert appears to have the lyrics ‘oh if you wanna be with me, then you have to follow through’ which is all a bit unsettling and lactose-intolerance fetishy. I imagine that  ‘eat this ice cream until it makes you shart, you dairyphobe’ wasn’t really the message Walls were going for.

Review: Massive flavour letdown (unless you’re starting an English breakfast ice creamery).


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  1. Josh / Feb 23 2011 4:11 pm

    I actually really like this Ice Cream, the waffle leaves a lot to be desired but there’s not so much of it that it ruins the Ice Cream too much.

    @jbnew on twitter

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