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January 3, 2011 / Nick

Green, Green Grass of Home

This song chills me to my very core.

Also chilling, but unrelated 'Green Green Grass'.

You may be confused by this statement. The likes of Elvis Presley and Tom Jones have given much-loved renditions of the lyrics which describe a man returning to his home town. But at the end of the song, it turns out that he was just dreaming and he’s singing from his prison cell on death row. Well that’s sad, isn’t it?

Wait. NO, it isn’t. Why is this man on death row?

What did you do Elvis?

I want to imagine it’s all a mistake. I want to imagine he’s been charged for a crime he never committed. But I’m searching the lyrics over and over and there’s no clues to suggest anything about the nature of his crimes. It’s all left up to my imagination.

Unmarked grave? Near an old oak tree? Could be him couldn't it?

So I’m imagining that this bloke just went totally nuts one day. He got a shotgun from his shed and walked into the local inn in town. When he got there, he opened fire indiscriminately.
He killed 5 people. All of them parents. Severely wounded 2 others who might never walk again.
Once the Sheriff’s department finally got hold of him, they had to bring his devastated wife to the wooded area he was hiding out in to reason with him to hand himself over.
He gives himself up and pleads guilty to the list of terrible crimes committed. The judge sentences him to death by lethal injection.

So now, you might understand why this song chills me to my very core.

Review: All very lovely until you get to the sinister bit.


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