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December 30, 2010 / Nick

Playing With Fire – Paula Seling & Ovi

Way back in May, we considered the awfulness of Josh Dubovie’s ‘That Sounds Good To Me’ ahead of its appearance on the Eurovision Song Contest. 7 months later this blog still gets an extraordinarily high number of hits from, amongst other search strings, ‘josh dubovie worst song ever lazy cliche shit’ (and if it’s you making that search, I think you may have some issues that need sorting out).

Eurovision came and went, and with it the fleeting memories of the songs. There are songs you forget by the following performance and songs you forget by the following day. Unusually, there’s one song that I still haven’t forgotten.

This was a brilliant song and it only came third. THIRD! I don’t remember the song that won but I sure as hell remember the one where lookalikes of David Gest and Shania Twain played a double-ended, transparent grand piano.

This woman won...I think?!

Some people say that everytime a decision is made, the universe splits in two and the other thing happens in a parallel universe. If that’s the case, there’s a universe out there somewhere where Romania rightfully won Eurovision 2010. I imagine in that universe there’s been a roaring trade in perspex Siamese pianos and there’s one more song to play during the ‘revenge montage’ of major motion pictures.
I wish I was there.

Review: I can’t deny it any longer. I will NEVER get over the fact that this didn’t win Eurovision.

‘Playing With Fire’ on Spotify.


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