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September 22, 2010 / Nick

Human – The Killers

Music Homework Feedback

A strong effort on your composition here, but I feel that the lyrical content could use some refining.
The hook line ‘are we human or are we dancer’ is not only grammatically incorrect (remember to use plural nouns with the first person plural ‘we’) but also poses a false dilemma. It’s very possible that one can be both a human AND a dancer.
I have taken the liberty of creating a Venn diagram to explain:

The vast majority of dancers are in fact human. Unless the song’s protagonist is a rock pigeon or a toaster, I can’t see this really being something to split hairs over.
If you are a dancer, then yes you are human (or, less likely, a very intelligent gelatin dessert). It’s not an ‘either-or’ dilemma. It’s perfectly possible to be both.

You should consider revising the line to ‘are we humans, or are we humans AND dancers?’ (remembering to adjust your meter and tempo accordingly to account for the extra 3 beats).

Please don’t perform this at the autumn recital. They much prefer that ‘Mr Brightside’ song in the staff room anyway.


Review: Humdrum.


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