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July 30, 2010 / Nick

Tesco Lasagne Sandwich

As soon as I heard that Tesco had devised a lasagne sandwich, I knew it was something that I had to try. Lasagne is up there as one of my favourite dishes and sandwiches are loved by one and all. On paper, it’s almost like a very backwards, poor man’s interpretation of ‘fusion cuisine’.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with that in mind whilst out shopping in Wimbledon, I managed to make a stop at the Tesco Metro store in the architecturally confused Centre Court shopping centre.

Before tucking in, I took a look at all the ingredients and nutritional info just to check it looked like a reasonable recipe.

Hmm. It looks like what a lasagne between two slices of bread should look like ingredients wise, I guess.
Lacking what is arguably the best part of lasagne, the bechamel sauce, which has been replaced here with ‘cheese & ricotta dressing’. ‘Dressing’?! I know it’s a sandwich but as there isn’t any salad in it, there’s not much really to dress.

It also has 27g of fat (38% of your RDA) and 2g of salt (33% of your RDA) in it. I’m not one to complain about all these salt, saturates, etc. recommendations (I’m sure we all used to enjoy foods that were full of unhealthy ingredients and everyone just rolled with it), but you do have to take note of these things. In fact, going by the rule that things that are unhealthy taste better, I took it as a good sign for the flavours that awaited.

Inside, it looks like a fairly acceptable. The beef is sliced, not minced. There’s a single lasagne sheet. Lots of tomato bits.

So what does it taste like?
Well, a bit like lasagne. At least for the first bite. Then it’s like eating a quite sharp tomato sauce sandwich. If it were a tomato sauce sandwich, it wouldn’t be too shabby. The bread isn’t too chewy or too crusty and it doesn’t skimp on the sauce.
Sadly, for a lasandwich it’s not really beefy enough. Not really cheesy enough. Just predominately tomato sauce tasting.

I love it when a plan comes together, yet the lasagne sandwich just misses the mark unfortunately. I can’t see it becoming a lunchtime favourite.

Review: I admire the fact they tried, but it doesn’t really live up to the expectation for me.


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