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June 25, 2010 / Nick

Coca Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert

IT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAAAS! Oh, wait. No it isn’t.
But it is June 25th, which is half way between Christmases. And I never promised that I would review things by topicality.

You can look at this advert in two ways. One is that the neverending convoy of Coca Cola trucks bringing smiling faces and, most weirdly, electricity to every place it passes is a microcosm of the US-led global proliferation of consumerism and thus the consequent erosion of the true meanings and values of Christmas, and other nearby religious and cultural festivals.

Another is that it’s a happy, shiny, smiley American way of beckoning the beginning of the festive season.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out which sort of person will enjoy Christmas more. People who put a negative spin on all things yuletide probably aren’t gonna have much fun.

Forget ‘The glass is half empty’ vs’ The glass is half full’. Today consider whether ‘It’s 6 months since Christmas’ or ‘It’s 6 months until Christmas’.

Review: Cheer up, Scrooge.


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