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June 9, 2010 / Nick

Sainsbury’s Local – Weston Street, Sheffield

You have to ask yourself Sainsbury’s, is it really worth the effort having this shop?

None of the other big supermarkets have prime retail space this close to the University’s Student Union. You could have had the market for 8p jelly cubes and Honey Nut Corn Flakes sewn up. But instead, your mini convenience store (literally the smallest supermaket I think I’ve ever been in) that is right behind the Arts Tower building and the library is stocked full of things that are useless to me.

For such a small shop, I don’t know why everything inside is so big. You can’t get a single tin of anything, it’s all multipacks. And god-forbid somebody might want to buy some cooking sauces to go with the family-sized portions of meat and vegetables on sale.

The only positives are that you never have to ask where anything is (if you can’t see it within 3 seconds of entering the shop, they don’t have it) and there is a healthy selection (for want of a better phrase) of reduced-to-clear ready meals that nobody on a student’s budget would be willing to buy at full price. Must try harder Sainsbury’s.

Review: Sheffield’s inconvenience store.


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