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April 23, 2010 / Nick

Demotivational Posters

Everybody has seen one of those motivational posters somewhere. The ones with the awe-inspring photos, black backgrounds and short inspirational phrases made by Successories were popular in the 1990s office.

These posters are quite lame. They’re about as motivational as using a default Windows 95 background image with a Post-it note stuck underneath your monitor saying ‘Remember to pay off Access Card by 20th’.

Unsurprisingly, the posters have been mocked and imitated.
Surprisingly, these posters are still been mocked and imitated the best part of two decades after they were first popular.
Mock versions are catalogued on the website Very Demotivational, brought to you by the same people who gave us the oft-hilarious Fail Blog and the almost-kinda-funny-5 years-ago-but-now-properly-outstaying-its-welcome Lolcats.

Very Demotivational highlights the problem that the demotivational posters have.
They’re either not derivative:
funny pictures

Or too derivative:
funny pictures

Or too, erm…cerebral:
funny pictures

Or not cerebral at all:
funny pictures

Or another not entirely funny failblog/lolcats picture jazzed up into a demotivational poster:
funny pictures

I just think that this whole thing really misses the point. I know humour is subjective, but this is MY review site and I think demotivational posters are almost always the opposite of LOL.

Review: I can has satire FAIL?

Very Demotivational



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