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April 12, 2010 / Nick

Danone Activia – Intensely Creamy Ad

A letter to the Daily Express

In the latest Danone Activia advert, Martine McCutcheon keeps spinning in her chair while enjoying a peaches and cream yoghurt. She appears to swivel around and around several times. Surely eating yoghurt in a revolving chair will eventually make you sick. I can only assume that this odd behaviour is the manifestation of some kind of eating disorder and I think this advertisement should be banned.

Ms McCutcheon is known by many for playing Tiffany Mitchell in EastEnders. For those who don’t remember, her character was the one who lived a tragic life and died in unfortunate circumstances (Hope that narrows it down). Years later, she is apparently still respected enough to be the spokesperson for Danone’s Activia yoghurt. What sort of message are we sending out by allowing this kind of recklessness to be shown on television at times when innocent children could be watching.  If we don’t end this alarming advert soon, impressionable young girls will soon copy what they’ve seen their TV idol do. Before you know it, we’ll have 5 year old prima ballerinas spinning around on tyre swings and roundabouts trying to bring up their Frubes and Munch Bunch yoghurts ‘just like Martine does on the TV’. Disgraceful.

By the way, have Danone got rid of that ‘mmm, Danun’ bit at the end of their ads since it got mocked on Limmy’s Show?

Review: Irresponsible and bound to cause copycat behaviour. More importantly though, it’s a really hammy advert.


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