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April 4, 2010 / Nick

I Am So Happy To Be Finally Back Home (aka ‘Trololo’) – Eduard Khil

I’m so happy that whoever unearthed this video and uploaded it to the internet did. Initially you appreciate it for seeing a stiff looking Russian man in a polyester suit doing a shoddy mime of a song without any words. That’s funny, of course. But you keep watching it, over and over again. Then you start singing it in the shower or whistling it while walking down the street.
It’s there in your head. Perpetually.
There are Top 40 songs in the charts in 2010 that I hear once and never think of again. And then there’s this video of a 33 year old performance of an even older song (See an early 1960s performance here) that stays in your head. It’s beauty is in its simplicity.

I really hope that there’s more music that’s older and ‘undiscovered’ sat in an attic somewhere waiting to be hummed by the whole world.

Review: I think that I could happily live in a world where this was the only piece of music ever made.


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