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April 4, 2010 / Nick

Facebook Fan Pages

A year in the life of Facebook Pages

April 2009:

Hey, Joe's become a fan of The Smiths. He must like The Smiths. That's cool.

May 2009:

He's become a fan of a movie. It's a good movie. Fair enough.

June 2009:

I like fictional characters too. These fan pages are quite good really.

July 2009:

They're lush, they are. You can become a fan of everything on here.

August 2009:

That's a bit obvious Joe. But I suppose everybody likes their bed.

September 2009:

Good to see that Joe likes The Sims 3 too. Shame about that errant apostrophe, but ahh well. No harm.

October 2009:

That's kinda funny. What a funny way to use the fan pages thing. It's true. Nobody likes being on fire. I won't join though. I'm not really a 'fan' strictly speaking.

November 2009:

Didn't there used to be groups for this? Seems a bit silly making a fan page instead. Must be somone's silly mistake I guess.

December 2009:

That Tiger Woods has got himself into a pickle. But hey, this is a weird idea for a fan page. How can you be a fan of something you hate. 'Joe Bloggs became a fan of I hate'. That looks a bit weird. Pretty sure that Tiger Woods isn't gay either. Joe certainly wouldn't be his type even if he was. Not with that weird quiff hairstyle he's got.

January 2010:

You became a fan of this. You're really a FAN of this notion, Joe. It's a revelation, maybe, but it's not exactly Newton's third law is it?

February 2010:

Why do I have to become a fan to see what's probably on the internet somewhere else? Oh, Joe. Whoever made that is probably gonna spam his inbox with a load of junk. Silly goose.

March 2010:

'Why don't you like me'? Who is that aimed at? Why doesn't Joe just say it directly to that person instead of joining a fan page saying it. He'd be better off putting it as a status update if it mattered that much. Now it's just gonna sit in the other 900+ fan pages he's joined and he'll forget about it eventually. Is nobody a proper fan of anything anymore? Seems to me that people are just agreeing with vague statements. How do I hide this feature? Oh, I can't. Well, that's annoying.

April 2010:


Yes. Piss off. I don't actually think we've ever met in real life anyway.

Review: A pilot representation of what a gradual loss of control in civilised society would look like.


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  1. J. Gulati / Apr 4 2010 7:00 pm

    Love it!

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